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Covid 19 protocols and camping.

Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 8:51 am
by Target
COVID-19 protocols for Gunman Airsoft
HI all, after weeks of training and simulation we have put together a new set of protocols that we must adhere to during the COVID-19 crisis that are an addition to our usual airsoft protocols.
They are as follows:
• If you are showing any symptoms of being unwell do not attend.
• When you arrive at a Gunman Site, please remain in/on your transport until greeted by the car park steward. You will then be allocated a place to park and be given a disposable number card. You will need this when signing in as well as your online booking paperwork.
• After parking please go to the signing in area and register (please bring your own pen).
• Following this you will be able to return to your transport to get any equipment that you may need. We ask everyone to try and use their vehicle as a place to operate, for those of you where this is not practical we will be offering limited space inside the safe zone.
• Your card number will then get called out for crono. Please make sure you take everything you need to crono.
• Once the above has been completed we will begin briefing, then after the teams have been allocated we will get you in the field. The safe area is the only place we have observed challenges to social distancing so we will try to keep everyone out on the field as much as possible.
• When you arrive and leave, please make use of the hand washing facilities. (Bring your own small bowl and soap, we will have hot water on site and sinks) and a change of clothes for when you leave.
• Toilets – We will have portable toilets on site for SITTING ONLY. After using the loo, please follow the instructions on the loos and set the 5-minute timer for the cleaning agents to work.
• Rubbish – All our sites have waste solutions however, for this short period please take all your waste you brought with you home to dispose of.
• First Aid - we will have small bags of basic first aid to hand out where needed. Anything worse than a scratch or scrape will be dealt with by an on site first aider. There will be provided with PPE and an ambulance will be called if required. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!!!
• Tuddenham will have NO CATERING, but both Eversley sites will.
• All the sites will provide a basic shop for consumables, battery charging and hot water.
Please bring with you as an addition to your airsoft kit:
• A small hand bowl and soap
• Water!!
• Change of clothes
• Pen for signing in.
• Full face protection must be worn when in the gaming areas at all times.

Additional Covid19 Briefing:
• Please adhere to social distancing at all times.
• Please wash your hands regularly and frequently and for the required amount of time (20 seconds).
• If you are showing any symptoms of being unwell you should NOT be here.
• When using any shared facilities please make sure you wear PPE.
• Please follow the simple instructions when using the toilets.
• Please wear full face protection during the games. Please retain all your own equipment (NO sharing) in your own space unless you are in a social bubble with those you are with.
• Please retain all rubbish you have brought onsite with you.
• If/When applicable.
• When rental equipment will be issued, it cannot be shared and after use will be cleaned down by a team member in PPE and secured until the following weekend.
• Please stay alert, control the Virus and save lives.

Camping. Were have a huge area for camping and everyone is required to maintain social distancing with those not in your bubbles. Anyone found breaking these rules will be asked to leave the site. Drink MUST be monitored and sensible. This Pandemic is with us a long time and we need to learn how to live with it.