9-10 November 2019 - Tuddenham Filmsim

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9-10 November 2019 - Tuddenham Filmsim

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Gunman Tuddenham
Cavenham Road

Insurgence Pt3
‘Task force Raptor’

October 2019 The Middle Eastern Country of Farak.

This small independent state in the Middle East has become a battleground with militant elements of Insurgence looking to destabilise the country, targeting its key enterprises being its E-Business and global its Global E commerce.

After a long history of failing governments, the new President and his government have stabilised the country with international and global E-business being its main commodity. However, the larger part of the population is made up of hard working farming and industrial communities that are not benefiting from the modest wealth that’s been created by the conglomerate main cities.

Ripe for discord, some have been swayed into taking up arms and helping a foreign anti conglomerate terrorist group, ‘The Cabal of Sun and Earth’ also known as the ‘CSE’. This lead to a mass insurgency during September 2019 but the Government forces managed to hold onto most of their main assets and keep there business unaffected, though the international concern has been felt on the global stock exchange with shares falling in all E-Business sectors.

In October, NATO intelligence confirmed that the CSE were preparing for another offensive and that they had potential ‘Cells’ already within Farak ready to strike. NATO has responded and plan on finding and cutting out these ‘Cell’ elements before and Insurgency has chance to take root. This Operation could see the blunting of the whole CSE effort if successful.

The Faraki Presedent to the NATO proposal but has insisted they work along side the Farak army. NATO has reluctantly agreed to this JTF. (joint Task Force)

US and UK Agencies have found a number of target locations for the JTF to start the hunt for CSE Cells and its Lieutenants. Maybe even get a name for the international ATC (Anti-Terrorist Coalition) as at this time, there are no names or faces to the leadership of the CSE. For this, Task Force Raptor has been reenlisted and deployed.

10 am on the 9th November 2019
The Hunt Begins.

GREEN/Civillian - Sides, CSE Cell members
Desert – TF Raptor
Desert/Blue armband – Farak Army