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Our Ethos

Post by GunmanAirsoft » Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:09 pm

Gunman Airsoft are committed to providing an airsoft experience unlike any other.

We design our rules and games so that minimal time is spent out of the action - you've come along to play airsoft, not spectate! If you get shot, we ensure that there is always the option to get back into the game within a minute or two - no sitting in dead zones watching a clock and no sitting watching everyone else play because you got shot in the first couple of minutes.

Our game scenarios come from an addiction to computer games and films - we want you to have the experience of being the hero, not being cannon fodder for regular players. As a result of this, we welcome new players and ensure that the teams are filled with a balance of new and experienced players. We've played at sites where new players and visitors are simply there as targets for the experienced regulars and we hated it.

We actively encourage all players to get into the spirit of the game and not get too hung up on detailed rules - fair play and gentlemanly/ladylike conduct is what we promote.

Many of our game scenarios have a theme and we encourage players to get involved and role-play a character, whether it be police, military, drug baron, freedom fighter, private military contractor or whatever; let yourself go and pretend you're in a film or computer game!

We don't take ourselves too seriously - we are a bunch of (mostly) adults playing dress up with toy guns! If you feel you have to win every scenario and not die, then we suggest something like playing COD on easy mode instead...

We have a great social feel at all of our events and encourage people to camp over and enjoy the social atmosphere after the games as well as just playing.

New players are always more than welcome to our open days, whether there's a group of you or you come alone, our marshals and regular players will always make sure that you feel welcome and included as part of our community.

We also offer a range of themed events with stricter requirements on uniforms, weapons and equipment for those who want a more immersive experience. Again, we welcome new players to these events, but recommend that you gain some experience by coming to some of our open days first.