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Open Day Airsoft Events

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Gunman Airsoft runs regular open day events at several sites. For dates, information and to book on, please visit our main website at ... -weekends/

Our open day events are usually on Saturday and Sunday and players can attend one or both days. Camping is usually available at no extra charge on Friday and Saturday night, and we encourage players to stop over and have a BBQ and social in the evening.

Walk-on players with their own equipment are always welcome at our open days, although we encourage you to book on our website using the "pay on arrival" ticket option to help us plan our scenarios for the number of expected players.

If you need to rent equipment, we strongly recommend that you secure it in advance on our website to ensure that we reserve it for you. We only have a finite quantity of rental guns and would hate for you to be disappointed on the day if we didn't have a spare for you.

We offer two styles of open day airsoft: Skirmish and FilmSim experiences, both are suitable for beginners and experienced airsofters.

Our Skirmish airsoft days have a very simple ruleset and consist of several scenarios across the day with simple objectives. Very little time is spent out of the action - when shot you will either fall back 15 metres and respawn off a live team-mate by a 10 second count, or head back to a respawn point (a short walk away) ad respawn immediately from there. There is always an opportunity to return to the game - no sitting watching everyone else play because you died quickly!

Our FilmSim open days usually have a theme which players can get involved with if they like - we encourage a bit of role-play, dressing up and bad acting! The ruleset is slightly more complex but is still suitable for beginners - we recommend reading the rules on our website before you come so there isn't so much to take in one the day. As a basic guide, our FilmSim open days encourage a little more of a realistic military or police experience without being unduly complicated.

On our FilmSim open days you are only allowed to carry a certain amount of ammo loaded in magazines (600 rounds for a rifleman) this encourages you to think about what you are shooting at and how you tackle objectives. You can reload your magazines at control points in the game or at a field pack if you run out. We also use a medic and bandage system to get you back in the action - when shot, you fall on the ground and begin calling for a team medic. Any of your team-mates can get to you and tie one of your bandages round your arm to revive you and get you back in the fight. If you have used all of your bandages, you can respawn back into the game at a control point or field pack.

The scenarios on FilmSim open days usually last for about two hours at a time and consist of several objectives to be completed. This gives you the option of choosing which objectives you want to tackle, as well as how you want to achieve them. Lone-wolfing is discouraged in our FilmSim games so that you always have support with you.

If you've enjoyed our FilmSim open days and have the taste for something more, we also offer several different special events over the year which are themed in WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Cold War as well as modern day, all with varying degrees of simulation. Our FilmSim special events usually require attending for a full weekend rather than a single day and have stricter weapon, uniform and equipment requirements for maximum immersion. If you are interested in these type of events, check out the FilmSim events forums or the "Themed Events" section of our website.