Skirmish Rules

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Skirmish Rules

Post by GunmanAirsoft » Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:54 pm

  • When shot, a LOUD call of ‘HIT’ should be made and the player is considered dead.
  • When hit the player must place a ‘HAND’ in the air to show they are no longer live and immediately make their way to a live team mate or re-spawn point to become live again.
  • A hit is anywhere on the body or the gun and ricochets must also be taken, if you think you’ve been hit, take it, as you’re back in the game almost immediately. A ricochet is a clear hit, not a BB rolling on the floor.
  • Friendly fire still counts as a hit!
  • Dead players ‘DO NOT TALK’ other than to use the call ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ call to remove themselves from fire fights. Anything else is cheating, including over radios.
  • Fall BACK to a live teammate or a re-spawn point and take a loud, slow 10-second count to become live again. DO NOT try to re-spawn in the middle of firefights or off teammates under fire. Fall BACK at least 15m from any contact.
  • To re-spawn the dead player must place one hand on the shoulder of the live team during the entire ten-second count, if this contact is broken, the count must be started again.
  • Do not re-spawn in buildings or structures.
  • If either man is shot during the re-spawn both are KIA.
  • KIA means returning to a fixed regen and not counting off a teammate. Knife kills, Grenade kills and being shot during a regen count are all KIAs.
  • Inside - Whole building or structure is cleared.
  • Outside - 5m radius – Cover has no effect.
  • Outside only - 5m radius area denial. If an incendiary grenade goes off within 5m of you, it's time to run away before you burn to death. Don't worry where the smoke blows, you just need to stay out of a 5m circle around the pyro until it has finished smoking.

All players:
  • Two bandages
  • Two offensive grenades (frag or incendiary) max (no limit on screening smoke)
  • 75 rounds for your secondary
  • Rifleman - 600 rounds for your primary
  • Support Gunner - 3000 rounds for your primary
  • DMR - 300 rounds for your primary (must be a proper DMR type weapon and locked to semi)
  • Sniper - 150 rounds for your primary (bolt action, GBB or MOSFET 2 sec delat electric)
Players must NOT take into the field any more MAGS than their ammo limit!
You can only reload at a controlled re-gens, (this includes BFGs), unless you push/drop the bbs in your mags by hand (no loading tool/pouring into high caps).