Newsletter - Week 2 2020

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Newsletter - Week 2 2020

Post by GunmanAirsoft » Wed Jan 08, 2020 6:37 pm

We had another superb weekend at Camp Bravo, thank you again for being awesome!

This weekend we are back at Tuddenham for another FilmSim open weekender – theme is up on Facebook for anyone who is interested. For those who are brave/foolish enough to stay over, we are there from Friday evening and camping is always free.

Next weekend we continue the story at Eversley Alpha site – theme is up for that one too. As always, camping space is available free of charge.
The weekend after that, we will be back at Tuddenham again for another end-of-month skirmish weekend. No themes, no dress code, just loads of airsoft scenarios!

We are always investigating ways to reduce our waste production, particularly when it comes to stuff that has to go for landfill. As of end of month at Tuddenham we will be reintroducing a system which we had in operation several years ago to encourage everyone to go a bit greener. Tea and coffee will remain available free of charge as usual, but we will be making a 50p charge for polystyrene cups to encourage people to bring their own re-usable ones. Once the polystyrene cups have run out we will look at getting paper ones instead.