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New forum members info

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Welcome to our new forums.

Yes, we realise that forums are not the heaving activity-filled things they used to be as most people prefer to use FaceBook these days.

However, a significant amount of people do not wish to use FaceBook for various reasons, but still wish to have some kind of online interaction. That's why we have decided to continue using forums.

As a newly registered user, you will have to have your first two posts approved by a moderator before they will appear on the discussion boards publicly. This is the best compromise we could find to eliminate spammers. Once you have had two comments approved, you can use the forums as normal.

We strongly recommend getting your first couple of posts out the way in the "Introduce yourself" area.

Our rules are few, we prefer to encourage people to be nice to each other and not be dicks, than to write endless pages of rules. The forums are here for grown-up discussions, for childish nonsense or flaming, try Facebook...